The Portrait Drawing

The Portrait – Drawing


Here is drawing I did at the studio tonight as a comp for another painting, which I think I'm going to call "The Portrait". The bear is getting his portrait painted, which is clear enough. But beyond that it's all weirdness. Why is the painted portrait an unhappy Fozzy Bear and not the likeness of the actual bear? Wouldn't the bear be offended? And why are these people getting such a kick out of tormenting the bear with squirt guns, while the kid in the middle is utterly horrified? Why is the bear taking it? Why is the bear sitting at the table at all?... I don't know either. But my idea is that the kid has perceived a slight change in the bear's posture, something that indicates the bear's tolerance is about to snap and massive retribution unleashed on his oblivious tormentors. But maybe that's another painting.

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