Marathons with Meaning Logo Design

Marathons with Meaning Logo Design

Peter and Tam at Marathons with Meaning Ultra 100

Marathons with Meaning

Peter Kline established Seattle, WA based MWM with a mission to "give back" to society in a very powerful way by including special-needs children and children with disabilities in the marathon experience.

Following his first marathon at age 53, he began giving the "rider-athlete" child an opportunity to compete in a marathon of their own by pushing a custom runner/stroller the entire 26.2-mile journey.

Peter Kline Running on Track for Marathons with Meaning Ultra 100

Peter needed a logo in time for the MWM Ultra 100, coinciding with the 2017 Alaska Airlines Rock-n-Roll Seattle Marathon. As this was to be a high-visibility event, the logo should represent Marathons with Meaning by illustrating concepts like Inspiration, Inclusion, Kindness, Passion, and Giving Back.

The color palette is based on the following associations:

Light blue: Health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness
Green: Growth and hope
Red: Courage and passion

Peter Kline Marathons with Meaning Ultra 100 Start

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