Image of Two men two cats

Journal Sketch: Two Men Two Cats

Two men and two cats, but very dissimilar states of mind between the pairs. That's because I finished the left page first; In the beginning there was only one man, one cat, and the right page was void and without form. Then, I started drawing on it the living room furniture, windows, and, without intending to, I painted in another man and cat. Unlike the left page's hardened, brooding man who neglects his cat, the newer man and cat seem happy, healthy, and engaged with each other. Both pairs were done quickly and from the imagination with no preconceived idea.

Once the drawing on the right was getting close to being realized, it began to seem reasonable to "stitch" together both pages into a single illustration. By placing such out-of-sync temperaments into the same space, an additional level of tension between the pair is created.

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