itakoyaki Web Banner

Itakoyaki Web Banner

Itakoyaki is a mobile food vendor specializing in one of Japan's unique culinary treats, takoyaki (octopus dumplings). Itakoyaki's distinguishing characteristic is that its food is inspired by the flavors of Italy.

The customer commissioned this web banner design to use on their web site and/or advertising. I completed it during my stay in Kobe, Japan in early 2013.

Project Highlights

Preexisting Design

Itakoyaki Old Style

For the web banner, the customer wanted their existing 'sun' character revised to appear "cuter", as well as to "modernize" the serif font used for the company name in the red dot.


Itakoyaki New Sketches

I began with a handful of quick sketches to establish a more exaggerated smiling face and softer curves throughout.

New Character Design

Itakoyaki New Style

The chosen sketch traced and developed in Adobe Illustrator. To compliment the 'sun' character's rounder features I chose a sans-serif font with rounded ends for the company name in the red dot.

Finished Banner

itakoyaki Web Banner

I used the new character and company name designs to create a web banner composition that included the company's slogan/motto: たこ焼き工房 • シーアンドサン (Takoyaki workshop "Sea and Sun"). Since "Itakoyaki" is a fusion of Japanese and Italian flavors, I chose a red/white/green color scheme to evoke Italy's national colors, while integrating the red dot containing the company name to call to mind Japan's national flag.

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