Portrait of Ken Bunte wearing God Bless John Wayne Tee Shirt

God Bless John Wayne

Portrait of Moline resident and business owner Ken Bunte. Every day Ken takes an early morning walk and leaves his route, and the community, cleaner of aluminum cans by habitually carrying a homemade spiked stick he uses to stab them up along the way. A faithful fan of John Wayne, Ken wears the same t-shirt design reading “God Bless John Wayne” on a variety of colored tees that change with each walk. This, along with his large frame, salt-of-the-earth look, and consistent stewardship of the environment, make Ken an interesting and valuable citizen.

In that spirit I decided to assign myself this illustration, as a promotional piece I can show to metro weeklies and other local news publishers, but hopefully also to inspire them to write good stories about real people like Ken Bunte who make the community a nice place to live.

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