portfolio image of Deep Links Flowchart

Deep Links Infographic

The challenge was to create a visual flowchart illustrating Basic, Deferred, and Contextual Deep Linking.

Basic Deep Links are ones that redirect to specific content in a target app, based on the nature of the link clicked in the originating app, web page, email, etc.

Deferred Deep Links are ones that if the target app is not yet installed will direct the user to their OS's relevant app store, and once installed, will resume redirecting to the specific content in the target app.

A third type, Contextual Deep Links, takes either Basic or Deferred Deep Links and adds a dimension of analytics, which are gathered about the user from key points along the deep linking pathway (such as the app stores). This is designed to personalize the experience upon reaching the specified content in the target app. To represent this collection of analytics, I was asked to create a separate graphic "overlay" highlighting the analytics against a muted background of the original flowchart.

Project Highlights

AWS Deep Linking Analytics Overlay

Analytics Overlay

An overlay was requested to highlight the analytics to be aggregated from key points in the workflow.

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