the green pool painting

Green Pool #1

  Following an idea I started recently. Oil on canvas 11 x 14 in. This is pretty close to the look of the original sketch in my journal. From here I want to see what I can do to keep the color and forms expressive. This is for fun and a stab at something different. Normally I gravitate towards realism and earth tones, which is…. fine. But a little imaginative play with form and color is good too, and maybe this will lead in some new good direction.

The Portrait Progress 1

The Portrait Progress

  Working off last night’s drawing, the first layer of darks and lights is set. This one started off great. Using a big brush and working freehand everything fell into place pretty quickly. I lost a little freshness of the darker brushwork when I went in with the whites, but it’s still pretty active. Hopefully I can maintain the freshness through to the finish.

Bad Samaritan Progress 2

Bad Samaritan Progress #2

Second and Third layers are added since the last post. There’ve been some awkward starts after the initial layer, including wiping away a whole night’s work. But I think I’ve pulled back in a forward direction. Haven’t decided about the background, even though I know I should have, but it looks like it’s taken a verdant direction.