The Portrait Progress 1

The Portrait Progress

  Working off last night’s drawing, the first layer of darks and lights is set. This one started off great. Using a big brush and working freehand everything fell into place pretty quickly. I lost a little freshness of the darker brushwork when I went in with the whites, but it’s still pretty active. Hopefully I can maintain the freshness through to the finish.

Bad Samaritan Progress 2

Bad Samaritan Progress #2

Second and Third layers are added since the last post. There’ve been some awkward starts after the initial layer, including wiping away a whole night’s work. But I think I’ve pulled back in a forward direction. Haven’t decided about the background, even though I know I should have, but it looks like it’s taken a verdant direction.

The Portrait Drawing

The Portrait – Drawing

  Here is drawing I did at the studio tonight as a comp for another painting, which I think I’m going to call “The Portrait”. The bear is getting his portrait painted, which is clear enough. But beyond that it’s all weirdness. Why is the painted portrait an unhappy Fozzy Bear and not the likeness of the actual bear? Wouldn’t the bear be offended? And why are these people getting such a kick out of tormenting the bear with squirt guns, while the kid in the middle is utterly horrified? Why is the bear taking it? Why is the bear sitting at the table at all?… I don’t know either. But my idea is that the kid has perceived a slight change in the bear’s posture, something that indicates the bear’s tolerance is about to snap and massive retribution unleashed on his oblivious tormentors. But maybe that’s another painting.

New Website Design

I just updated my website with a new look and a couple new sections. I’ve added a new painting (hippo surrounded by bees) I just did for Visual AIDS Postcards from the Edge benefit. Plus added a “drawings” page containing many drawings I did of co-workers at their desks during my time in cubicle land. Also added links to my pages on facebook, twitter, etc, and integrated my WordPress blog, which will be a source of news and a peek at sketches and other bits of development of my work. Please have a look:

Preparing For All-Out War

Preparing For All-Out War

As I mentioned below, lately I’ve been getting more into drawing in ink with pen and brush. I ran across a photo I snapped of a lion at the SF Zoo one year and decided to lay it down on water color paper. I added in the stylized bees (bees are another one of those motifs that keep showing up in my journal for whatever reason), which seemed to be circling the lion. This made me think of a showdown, or a boxing match where the opponents size each other up before striking. Then the phrase “Preparing for all-out war” popped into my head and I thought that would do for a title for now.